A Letter to Our Supporters


Board of Directors

February 20, 2020

To our community,

Greetings! I'm so glad you have stumbled upon our beautiful organization. I am so grateful to introduce to you our organization's mission, beliefs, and existence.

First, let me introduce myself. My name is Julian Aguilar and I am the founder of Valley Scholars College Initiative. I started this organization after observing that students all across the Central Valley are often not given the resources, guidance, and support they need in order to apply to their match higher education institutions. It pains me to write this, as I was one of those individuals. I am a graduate of Turlock High School, a spirited school of about 2,000 students in Stanislaus County, and in my time in the Valley, I was so privileged to work alongside some of the best minds of my generation, Sadly, many of them did not get the chance to achieve what they were capable of. Even more so, we students were taught from a young age that high-quality college education is simply unattainable.

The purpose of the Valley Scholars College Initiative is to change the status quo and open opportunities to more students. Valley Scholars College Initiative seeks to inform and guide students through the complicated college-preparation and college application process through workshops and direct one-on-one mentorship.

Our programming provides workshops to students early in high school in order to prepare and inform them about the available opportunities in the community and across the country that they should be taking advantage of. Providing this information early will ensure that we have more students applying to college and ultimately, more students will be able to attend their match college. In their junior year of high school, students can apply to our Fellows program, where they receive advising from current college students. Our mentors are well-trained and are able to individually guide each student through the admissions process.

I believe that it is crucial to invest in our Central Valley students, our Valley Scholars College Initiative. Every year, due to a lack of resources and outreach, hundreds of students are left behind and excluded from being able to attend their match college. When our students are invested in, we all benefit.

In community,

Julián Aguilar

President of the Executive Board