Julián Aguilar (he/they) is the founding President of Valley Scholars College Initiative.

Aguilar is a current junior at Vassar College in Poughkeepsie, New York. He is a Sociology major and Urban Studies correlate, with aspirations to attend graduate school to study medical sociology and become a professor at a liberal arts college.​


Aguilar was born and raised in Turlock, a rural community in the Central Valley of California. He attended Turlock High School and was actively involved throughout the campus. Over his high school career, he participated in a multitude of young scholar programs both in the community and on a national scale.


At Vassar, he serves as the Graphic Designer for the Grey Matters Journal, Web and Publication Intern in the Computing and Information Services department, and as a Fall 2023 Class Senator on the Vassar Student Association.



As this organization evolves, expands, and improves, it is imperative for its leadership to step up and produce a plan to organize such actions. As such, within my capacity as President of Valley Scholars College Initiative, I intend to formalize my intentions and vision for this organization. With such intentions, I have developed the Initiatives Plan as an obligation to the Office of President and have constructed this plan to guide the administrative tasks and goals of the organization.

With this in mind, I have crafted three initiatives—in no particular order. The first initiative, “Students Supporting Students,” reflects the core tenets of our impact-making and values as a student-centered organization. The second, “Deepening the Discourse,” focuses on our commitments to accountability and growth. Lastly (but not least of all), the “Crafting an Inclusive Conscience” initiative focuses on inclusivity and our continued dedication to our expanding student target populations.