Do I have to fit all of the target populations to apply?


No. You only have to fit at least one of these target populations for the President's Scholarship. You must, however, satisfy all three Eligibility factors. Please note that no target population is prioritized over any other and students are not given priority if they meet more than one target population.

Is there a minimum GPA requirement?


No. Our eligibility criteria does not specify a minimum GPA requirement. With that said, the Black Student Scholarship and President's Scholarship are merit-based scholarships that factor in academics.

I completed and passed a General Education Development (GED) test. Am I eligible to apply?

No. Students with a GED are not eligible for our scholarship program. Our eligibility criteria specifies that only graduating high school seniors that attends a Stanislaus County high school may apply to our scholarships.

Do I have to be a US Citizen or Permanent Resident to apply for a scholarship?


No. There is no citizenship requirement as it relates to eligibility for our Scholarships Program. All students that meet our eligibility criteria are able to submit an application. Students that are not US Citizens or Permanent Residents may apply as a student within our "Undocumented Students" target population.

I will be on deferment for the fall term, am I still eligible for a scholarship?


No. We require all recipients to be enrolled full-time at an accredited, non-profit, four-year university, in the US, for 2021-2022 academic year. Please note, official institution deferments, documented leaves of absence, and gap year programs in the fall will not be considered.

Do you offer scholarships for incoming community college students?

No. All recipients must be enrolled full-time at an accredited, non-profit, four-year university, in the US, for 2021-2022 academic year.

Can I still apply if I live outside Stanislaus County?

No. Students must be a graduating high school senior that attends a Stanislaus County high school. To check if your school is a Stanislaus County high school, visit here.


How do I update my online application if my personal information changes?


Once your scholarship has been submitted, you will not be allowed to make any changes. However, if your contact information changes, please email us at to update your current mailing address, phone number, and email address at any time.

Do I need to update my information if I am selected as a scholarship recipient?


If selected to move forward in the selection process, we will request that you verify the institution you will attend in the fall.

When will I be notified of the status of my application?


The selection process consists of three stages: submitted, interview finalists, and selected recipients. Selected recipients must submit their enrollment verification to be officially confirmed by early August. Recipients who receive funding will be disbursed in early September.

If I am selected for a scholarship, when should I expect my disbursement?

Scholarships will be disbursed in early September. Please note that all scholarship awards are contingent upon proof of full-time enrollment.


How are students selected?

Completed applications are evaluated by a Scholarship Review Committee that is overseen by the Office of Programs. For the President's Scholarship, the President's Scholarship Review Committee is formed by members of the President's Cabinet. For the Black Student Scholarship, the Black Student Scholarship Review Committee is formed by Black and African American community leaders and professionals selected by the Office of Programs.


Our selection process is a multi-step holistic review process.


After the scholarship closes, a scholarship panelist is assigned a certain number of applications to review. Successful submitters are selected on the basis of the personal statement, the content of the recommendation(s), academic achievement, and extracurricular accomplishment. Interview finalists are selected from a holistic perspective based on both the interview performance and the application submitted.

I have been awarded a scholarship, when will I receive my scholarship money?


Scholarships will be disbursed in early September. Please note that all scholarship awards are contingent upon proof of full-time enrollment.


Whom should I indicate as my recommender?

There is one (1) required academic letter of recommendation. This recommender may be a teacher, guidance counselor, administrator, or College Fellow.

You may submit information for one (1) additional recommender. Note that your second recommender may be a teacher, guidance counselor, employer, supervisor, administrator, coach, or College Fellow.

Please note, recommendations from family members, family friends, and other close friends are not allowed.

What is my recommender’s deadline to submit the online Scholarship Letter of Recommendation Form for my application?


Recommenders must submit their letter of recommendation via the Letter of Recommendation Form no later than April 15th.

How does my recommender access the Scholarship Letter of Recommendation Form?

Recommenders are emailed a Recommendation Request to the emails you listed for the Recommender 1 and Recommender 2 emails.

If your recommender deletes or loses the email, please email the Office of Programs with their contact information (name and email) and we will resend the email to your recommenders.

How do I know when my recommenders submit their recommendation?

We will notify you via email when your recommender submit their recommendation and your application is complete.



How do I apply?

To apply, go to the Scholarships page on this website and click the "Apply to the ... Scholarship" button at the top of the page.

What may the scholarship funds be used for?

Scholarship funds may be used for tuition, fees, books, and other academic related supplies, as well as for room/board and transportation expenses related to school.

Where does funding for the scholarships come from?

Funding comes from a variety of sources. The majority of our funds come from the development efforts of Valley Scholars College Initiative. Some of our funds also come from individual donors or partners who sponsor a scholarship.

To donate to Valley Scholars College Initiative, visit

Are scholarships renewable?

No. Scholarships are single-year awards given our eligibility requirements.

Does the Office of Programs verify the information applicants enter into the application?

Yes. Valley Scholars College Initiative has the discretion to enact verification on select scholarship applications to ensure the validity of the information entered in applications. Additionally, Valley Scholars College Initiative verifies all required documents.

I started an application, but did not finish and closed the application form; did I lose all of my information?

Yes. Our scholarship application does not allow the capability to save information entered and return to the application.

I have additional questions about the scholarship; how/who do I ask?

If you have any questions regarding our scholarships, please contact the Office of Programs at